Middle Loup River Ranch
40203 Hwy. 2
Thedford, NE 69166
Phone: 308-645-2715
Cell: 402-450-2268


Middle Loup River Ranch

MLR Ranch is located in the Nebraska Sandhills the largest area of stabilized grass covered sand dunes in the Western Hemisphere. The Sandhills are located above the High Plains Aquifer, which provides some of the best water in the world. This aquifer supports our spring fed rivers (Middle Loup River and Dismal River), lakes and wetlands.

Our guest house is located on a small acreage (by Sandhills Ranching standards) immediately adjacent Nebraska Hwy 2. There are lots of trees that attract wildlife and birds. Directly to the south of the house across the highway and the Burlington Railroad Tracks you can hike, bird watch, play in the Middle Loup River, and fish in a small pond. The Nebraska National Forest is located approximately one mile south of the river. The NE National Forest is accessible either four miles to the east by way of the head quarters or seven miles to the west via the West Access Road (4×4 vehicles are highly recommended when using this road).


We also offer private tours of ranching, and the surrounding area. Rates are negotiable depending on tours, time, and number of people. We will be happy to help you plan a great vacation and see the Sandhills from a rancher’s perspective.

The ranch is located adjacent to Nebraska Highway 2 (Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway) near mile marker 221, 5 miles west of the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey, NE and 11 miles east of US Hwy 83 & NE Hwy 2 junction near Thedford.

40203 Hwy. 2, Thedford, NE 69166
GPS Coordinates: 41° 55.738’ N and 100° 22,909’ W